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State oversight by definition a function by means of which a State ensures effective implementation of the ICAO Safety and Security Standards and Recommended Practices-SARP's is our specialty. We work with Authorities to address the 8 corresponding USOAP CMA/ USAP critical elements addressing-:

  1. Legislation
  2. Regulations and Programs
  3. State Appropriate Authority for Safety &Security and its responsibilities.
  4. Personnel Qualification and Training.
  5. ​Provision of technical guidance, tools, Safety/Security critical information
  6.  Certification and Approval Obligations
  7. ​Quality Control Obligations
  8. ​Resolution of Safety/Security Concerns

We believe in strong and efficient regulatory leadership, and its enhancement of aviation sector development anytime.


Some Projects Completed 

Our pool of experts have been involved and completed various projects in IOSA Preparations, ICAO USAP, ICAO USOAP CMA Pre ICVM Preparations including-:

  1. Aviation Security Consultancy-Screening Program Set-Up for the direct flight Kbl-Fra.
  2. Aviation Security Regulatory Oversight System documentation-MoTCA Afghanistan.
  3. IOSA-Program preparations and manuals design-Ariana Afghan Airlines.
  4. USAP Findings closure- GCC Country, designed a 6 tier Oversight Program after closure of findings.
  5. JAATO- AVSEC Curriculum Development 

Airport Operators

We undertake and conduct audits, development enterprise in :

  1. Airport Security Programs
  2. Safety Management Program-SMS
  3. Security Management Programs-SeMS
  4. Facilitation Programs
  5. Annex 14 Recertification Preparedness
  6.  Aviation Health,Safety & Environmental Management

Ground Handling, Airport Cleaning, Aircraft Cleaning Service Providers, Cargo Terminals and Cargo Agents 

  1. Regulatory compliance programs
  2. Compliance Audits and technical assistance gap analysis.
  3. Manuals,  Procedural Arrangements, Policies and Technical Documentation support .
  4. Training and Capacity Development in Safety & Security Management. 

Appropriate Authorities & Regulators