Aviconsult Kenya Ltd

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Aviation Health & Safety Management

Protection of a clients most important assets of human resources, plant, equipment and the environment is another milestone we in Aviconsult attach great importance to and remain committed to address. We undertake

  1. Aviation Health &  Safety Management Systems design and Implementation.
  2. Crew, and General Staff Training
  3. Safety Signage Supply and Installations.
  4. In-house Tailor made Management Systems Design.
  5. Health and Safety Risk Monitoring, Evaluation, Audit and Review.
  6. Environmental Impact Assessment
  7. Health &Safety Quality Management Systems
  8. Integrated Health &Safety Management Systems Design and Implementation.
  9. International Recognition &Organizational Certification Preparations.
  10. Facilitation Consultancy for CAA's, Airports and Operator to conform with the ICAO Standards for People With Disabilities-PWD Rights to Access to Air Transport -Doc 9984. 

Human Resource Mobilization and Placement

One of the basic fundamentals in any State Regulatory Oversight Programs, Airline, Airport, Ground Handling, and even Catering is the Critical Element on Personnel Training and Qualifications. We specialize on the talent scouting, training, mobilization and placement of :

  1. Trained Aviation Security Personnel
  2. Trained Aviation Security Screeners
  3. Trained Ramp Staff
  4. Trained Catering Staff
  5. Trained Airport & Aircraft Cleaning Staff
  6. Trained Cargo Security & Safety Proficient Staff.
  7. Trained Check-In Agents, Document Checkers and Security Profilers.

Crisis & Contingency Management Planning

Asset crisis preparedness, prevention, response and recovery is another major area of specialty and business continuity Aviconsult strives to deliver solutions in. We undertake 

  1. Contingency Planning and Program Design
  2. Evacuation Planning and Program Design
  3. Crisis Management Training and Exercise moderation.

International Standards Compliance & Aviation Corporate Social Responsibility Programs Compliance 

Persons with Disabilities make a significant and growing percentage of the world's population, consti- tuting to one of the worlds largest minorities. Aviation, like all other modes of transport is duty bound to recognize and accommodate this growing segment of air travellers. At Aviconsult we team up with authorities to ensure the fulfillment of requirements such as those stipulated under:

  1. Doc 9984  Access to Air Transport by Persons with Disabilities.
  2. Doc 9973 Family Assistance Programs.

Air Traffic Service Providers- ATM Security Programs.

At Aviconsult we strive to be amongst the front runners in addressing newly established requirements.
We design ATM Security Management Programs in Compliance with National Civil Aviation Security Programs-NCASP and the Newly released ICAO Doc 9985-  ATM Security Management Standards.